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We are happy to announce that we are again planning for our annual Holiday community potluck meal for the Native American community.



1.       Preserve and strengthen a spirit of fellowship among warriors of native American ancestry who have served or are serving their people and their country with honor and dignity by:

A.      providing a means of contact and communication among our members so that they may give mutual aid and assistance to one another:

B.      establishing and operating subordinate state, county, and community organizations which provide services to our members and their communities as well as offering fraternal, recreational, social and spiritual activities for our members and their families and guests; and,

C.      establishing and operating and auxiliary which supports the activities of the Society and its members.

2.       Continue the warrior traditions of our ancestors by:

A.      recognizing and honoring the military experience of current members and veterans of the united States Armed forces; 

B.      recognizing and honoring all fallen and wounded warriors, regardless of ancestry or culture;

C.      assisting warriors of Native American ancestry to locate and access needed services; and,

D.      serving as living role models who instill honor, respect and being of service to others as values which are necessary for the success of our future generations.


3.       honor our ancestors, our cultures, and our traditions by:

A.      making known to all people that Native Americans have not faded into the depths of history, but that we are still here as proud peoples with all of our cultures and traditions;

B.      promoting a sense of pride as a Native American and as an American citizen within and among warriors of Native American ancestry;

C.      conducting and participating in traditional native American ceremonies, rites and social functions; and,

D.      sponsoring youth activities which serve to preserve our heritages by teaching the young people, from whom will come the next generation of warriors, about their Native American history, culture and traditions,


4.       Promote the Society so that warriors of Native American ancestry, their families, and members of the community at large will be aware of our existence and of our activities.  And,


5.       Fulfill any other proper and legal non-profit purposes available to nonprofit corporations under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and the Texas Nonprofit Corporation Act, as well as all implied powers necessary and proper to carry out the Society’s express powers and purposes, provided however, that enumeration and powers set forth in this section will not limit the society’s general or implied powers and any additional powers provided by law.




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