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Native Languages Program

Native Languages Program: Before Spanish and English became dominant languages in the Americas, Native people of North and South America spoke hundreds to thousands of languages that not only define us as people but shaped our traditions, teachings, spirituality, and way of life as Original People of this Continent and is why we plan to emphasize Indigenous Education that aims to offer classes that promote native language preservation and revival for multiple native communitie. Read More


Sacred Water and Land Youth Education and Empowerment Program

Native educators and youth organizers will be guiding the design and implementation of experiential education programs. Elders and youth in council working to preserve culture, sacred sites and our indigenous languages through songs have been laying a foundation for intergenerational programming. Sacred Water and Land: Youth Education and Empowerment is a way for the youth to connect to our sacred sites in the ways our ancestors taught us by the offering of ourselves, acknowledging the spirits of the land, allowing the youth to hear the stories and teachings of the elders and knowledge keepers of these sites. The youth will learn original instructions on how we are to care for all creation and document their family histories. They will be mentored in a space where they can cultivate critical consciousness that enables them to deconstruct problems and offer culturally-rooted solutions. This will stimulate family tree conversations at home and also remind them of our responsibility to all life in their own terms. . Read More


 Border Wall Project

There have been 28 environmental laws the U.S. government has waived for constructing the wall in South Texas. We are helping and working with the local tribal communities at the border in South Texas in protecting sacred sites along the path of the proposed border wall. We help address and bring awareness around the negative ecological impacts on the land, water, wildlife, and human beings that will have both a short and long term effect on all and the future.


 Protect Free Speech Project

Protect Free Speech Project:  We have been doing direct and grassroots lobbying around the anti-protest bill/Protect Critical Infrastructure Bill in Texas- HB3557 makes protesting infrastructure on pipeline construction sites a felony.  Charges are now 5 to 6 years in prison and $10,000 in fines for people. $500,000 in penalties for organizations. This bill has passed in Texas and goes into effect September 1st, 2019. Many other States have passed similar bills.  ALEC is responsible for the language, lobbying and passing of this bill in Texas and other States. These bills show the overcriminalization of peacefully protesting and speaking against projects deemed critical infrastructure for the oil and gas corporations. These bills that are being pushed by ALEC are all overcriminalization and have already been passed in a few states.


The No PHP Project

The Permian Highway Pipeline is a Kinder Morgan pipeline that is threatening 430 miles of Texas that will contaminate our water, land, air, and wildlife as it will run along the Edwards & Trinity Aquifers that provides clean drinking water to over 2 million people in San Antonio Texas and surrounding hill country communities. Along with four other pipelines that will also impact many under-represented and under-resourced communities unaware of the pipeline route, its potential long-term adverse effects on their communities, land, water, air quality, and human health.


Pipelines to Plastic Project

Plastic Refineries and Pipelines in Corpus Christi, Beaumont, and Galveston have plans to grew existing refineries and add new ones to increase the production of plastic products. These refineries will release tons of greenhouse gases that will have adverse health effects on the lives of the local families, not to mention all the wildlife in the oceans, in the air, and on the land. We are working on bringing more attention to these refineries by holding community workshops and programs to help families reduce the use of plastic bags, straws, and most consumer products with other options. We are looking to help bring more education around replacing plastic products in peoples daily lives by teaching and providing alternative options and lifestyles. One analysis predicts that by 2050, the plastic waste in the oceans will outweigh the fish which will change our very way of life and is why we believe there is no time to waste on addressing our plastic epidemic.

The Exxon-Mobil ethylene cracker plant that is planned to be built near Corpus would be the largest one in the world. The fracking in Texas has and is taking the plastic pollution crisis to a whole new level. This is why we have started this campaign to help bring awareness to the crisis and to help educate the local communities. We also hope to have our youth environmental group involved in this project since it is their future we are trying to protect. We want them to not only survive but thrive in life with a healthy and sustainable future.


Peace and Dignity Journeys Texas

The Peace and Dignity Journey is part of a larger inter-continental prayer from Alaska to Panama. This prayer to connect all of our peoples and build a larger communication and culture-sharing that has greatly contributed to the unity of Native peoples in Texas. In 1990, over 200 representatives of Indigenous nations from throughout the western hemisphere met for the first time in Quito, Ecuador. The inspiration of spiritual running to re-unite the nations of turtle island was inspired by the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. Elders from North, Central and South America remember and talk about a prophecy that foretold how we will come together and reunite as one… “we are like a body that was broken up into pieces and this body will come back together to be whole again.” Through the Peace & Dignity Journeys, numerous and diverse indigenous nations reunite and reclaim dignity for their families and communities. Read More






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