Native Languages Program

Native Languages Program: Before Spanish and English became dominant languages in the Americas, Native people of North and South America spoke hundreds to thousands of languages that not only define us as people but shaped our traditions, teachings, spirituality, and way of life as Original People of this Continent and is why we plan to emphasize Indigenous Education that aims to offer classes that promote native language preservation and revival for multiple native communitie. Read More



Missing Women of Color

The expressed outcome of this project will be to build a local communication alert network between the communities that can be quickly activated when a woman/girl goes missing. Our long-term goal is to take this event to cities across the state/nation in order to extend and strengthen the alert network. Read More


Sacred Water and Land Youth Education and Empowerment Program

Native educators and youth organizers will be guiding the design and implementation of experiential education programs. Elders and youth in council working to preserve culture, sacred sites and our indigenous languages through songs have been laying a foundation for intergenerational programming. Sacred Water and Land: Youth Education and Empowerment is a way for the youth to connect to our sacred sites in the ways our ancestors taught us by the offering of ourselves, acknowledging the spirits of the land, allowing the youth to hear the stories and teachings of the elders and knowledge keepers of these sites. The youth will learn original instructions on how we are to care for all creation and document their family histories. They will be mentored in a space where they can cultivate critical consciousness that enables them to deconstruct problems and offer culturally-rooted solutions. This will stimulate family tree conversations at home and also remind them of our responsibility to all life in their own terms. . Read More


Peace and Dignity Journeys Texas

The Peace and Dignity Journey is part of a larger inter-continental prayer from Alaska to Panama. This prayer to connect all of our peoples and build a larger communication and culture-sharing that has greatly contributed to the unity of Native peoples in Texas. In 1990, over 200 representatives of Indigenous nations from throughout the western hemisphere met for the first time in Quito, Ecuador. The inspiration of spiritual running to re-unite the nations of turtle island was inspired by the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. Elders from North, Central and South America remember and talk about a prophecy that foretold how we will come together and reunite as one… “we are like a body that was broken up into pieces and this body will come back together to be whole again.” Through the Peace & Dignity Journeys, numerous and diverse indigenous nations reunite and reclaim dignity for their families and communities. Read More


Red Path Warriors Society

The Red Path Warriors Society program is comprised of Native American Veterans in Texas. Our Mission is to: Preserve and strengthen a spirit of fellowship among warriors of native American ancestry who have served or are serving their people and their country with honor and dignity. Providing a means of contact and communication among our members so that they may give mutual aid and assistance to one another: We are happy to announce that we are again planning for our annual Holiday community potluck meal for the Native American community. Read More





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